We have a wide variety of documents to make your exchange process seamless.


Exchange Cooperation Clauses

Identification Information for Customers

Identification Letter

Deposit Authorization Form

Relinquished Property Information Sheet

Replacement Property Information Sheet

Reverse Exchange Information Sheet


Introduction to Delayed Exchanges

Handling Closing Pro-rations

Unresolved Deferred Exchange Issues

Closed Sales: Conversion to Exchange?

Introduction to Build-to-Suit Exchanges

Build-to-Suit Reverse Exchanges

Parking Arrangements Involving Build-to-Suit Transactions

Introduction to Reverse Exchanges

Review of Revenue Procedure 2000-37

Comparing Safe Harbor vs. Non-Safe-Harbor Transactions

Structuring and Planning Reverse Exchanges

Corporate Exchange Issues

Personal Property Exchange Programs

Tenancy in Common Interests as Replacement Property

Partnership Exchange Issues, Including Mergers and Divisions

Basis and Depreciation Issues

Expenses and Transaction Costs

Financing Issues and Techniques